This here is your standard A to micro-B USB cable, for USB 1.1 or 2.0. Perfect for connecting a PC to your NETduino (among other things).

Approximately 3 feet / 1 meter long

Adafruit's Wearables Platform
Get out your 10 lb keyboards!
Internet-streamed music around the house
Make your clothes play a song
Wearable 3-axis motion + compass
Wearable luminosity sensing!
Capacitive touch sensing with conductive fabric & Flora
Deep sea stitching with FLORA
Authentic sights, sounds and feel of 1980s arcade gaming.
Use a Raspberry Pi to control & monitor your USB bitcoin miners
Put a solar LiPoly MintyBoost on any bag
Circuits under water and more!
Introducing Adafruit's mini microcontroller
Keep time with FLORA
Bring your own rainbow
3D Printed NinjaFlex Spikes over LED Pixels
Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black, Arduino Yun, and Intel Galileo--which one is right for you?
Finger Drumming Wearable Electronics
A frisky little friend you can build in an afternoon!
Its the freshest new Raspberry Pi, let's check it out!
Remember to reapply!
Trinket's got a big sister in town - the Pro Trinket 5V!
Pro Trinket + Hacked Duo Pop Game = Game Show Fun!
Bring a nice compact HDMI monitor to your next project
Portable solar charger
Use Pro Trinket as a USB keyboard device on your PC
Use Pro Trinket as a USB mouse device on your PC
Make a custom foot-activated keyboard for your PC
Portable, on-the-go lighting!
Customize a Flashflight or other suitable flying disc, and throw blinky programs at your friends.
Glow like a firefly, sting like a bee
Visualize your heartbeat in colorful ways
Turn an old tablet into an entryway display
Thin and light, just like a...
Thin and light, just like a...
Upgrade "Hacker Edition" Macetech RGB LED Shades with Adafruit sensors and BLE control!
Spend more time chillin' and less time at the bus stop
Data is Power! But power is not data - unless you know which wires to connect.
Chewbacca is a lovable Wookie with a distinctive voice, but here's how to give him a voice transplant and add your own fun sounds to this talking mask
The first step on your electronics journey
Keep track of tricky schedules, Monday through Friday!
Venture deep into the Blink sketch...
You'll be star gazing when this NeoPixel pin lights up to notify you of the International Space Station flying overhead.
Make your Circuit Playground mobile and change direction via sound
Find the ideal conditions for a good nights rest
Create beautiful, expressive light paintings using the Circuit Playground for long exposure photography.
Make some block rockin' beats with Circuit Playground.
Learn how to CNC mill a wooden case!
Build this powerful RF Feather-based controller to wirelessly trigger props, lights, effects, and more!
Bluetooth controlled, temperature sensing Formula E racer!
Breathe spooky life into an old radio by adding a Feather microcontroller to read the dial and play mysterious sounds and music!
Use infrared IR transmission to blast your targets -- all made with Circuit Playground Express!
Make a pinball controller for your iOS device using Teensy


SKU AF-592
Brand Adafruit

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