The classic 'third hand tool,' as seen on every desk! We have one next to our Panavise jr, they complement each other well. This tool is good for holding small PCBs and wires for tinning or soldering to parts.

  • Every part can rotate around in any way with thunbscrews and wingnuts.
  • Two sturdy alligator clips for holding PCBs, wires, parts
  • 2.5" diameter 4x magnifying glass good for checking out your soldering technique
  • Weighted base keeps everything steady

Even though there are fancier ones with soldering-iron holders, we found those would constantly tip over when a soldering iron was in place so we suggest getting one of these and a separate soldering iron holder/stand.

Solder at peak performance!
Put a solar LiPoly MintyBoost on any bag
Studded leather choker with LEDs
Add sweet LEDs to your earphones!
Build a sound reactive LED microphone flag
Build an enclosure for your Trellis project
Make a flexible motion-activated LED arm/wrist band.
Turn a 24x NeoPixel ring into a light for a DSLR camera
Make your own adorable BMO with a mini 8x8 LED Matrix and Gemma.
Bring your own rainbow
Pump some decent decibels with this tiny amp & speakers!
Build an audio project that pumps 20 watts of power with the MAX9744 stereo amplifier.
Turn our USB lipo charger into a wearable project that would make your cat jealous.
Upgrade your ride with lots, and lots of NeoPixels!
3D Printing, LED and sensors equals ray blaster!
The peaceful background of your favorite game, now for you to wear
It's only WAFER thin!
Make a prop replica with sound FX and NeoPixel LEDs!
Portable solar charger
DIY monitor for DSLR cameras or any HDMI device!
DIY Raspberry Pi Game Console Portable with 5" HDMI Screen
Mobile wireless Raspberry Pi
Make your own custom wireless gamepad!
Upgrade your Sega Game Gear with a Raspberry Pi and 3.5 inch TFT display!
Extract ADAM and drink!
Push a button, it plays a sound!
Retropie in your pocket!
How bright is your bouquet?
Hack your existing charger and build your own portable charger
Make a portable Raspberry Pi
Mapped for Livestream Studio, switch streams with big ole buttons
Charge devices while they lounge.
Take epic timelapses with a DIY camera slider
Covert your LED panel for camera batteries!
Build a Daft Punk Thomas Helmet with bluetooth control!
Animate your headphones with NeoPixels!
Add lots of LEDs to this Cosplay Prop!
3D Print a NeoPixel Bracelet!
It's so tiny! Say Cheese!
3D Print a Selfie LED Ring Light!
Shades you can turn on and off!
How to make a slide switch JST-PH adapter!
Attach an LED in the palm of your hand!
Circuit Python Keyboard emulation
Beautiful enough to hack it's limbs off!


SKU AF-291
Brand Adafruit

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