This force-sensing resistor (FSR) from Interlink Electronics is a passive component that acts as a variable resistor, with resistance decreasing in response to increasing applied force, which makes it easy to add a touch interface to your project or create a robot with much more sophisticated tactile senses than are possible with simple lever switches. The polymer thick film (PTF) device is optimized for use in human touch control of electronic devices and can sense an applied force anywhere in the active area ranging from a few dozen grams to a few kilograms (0.2 N to 20 N).

In our tests, the resistance exceeded 1 MΩ with no applied pressure and ranged from around 100 kΩ to a few hundred Ohms as finger pressure varied from light (a few dozen grams) to heavy (pressing as hard as possible). The resistance is very stable when the pressure is fixed, and the readings are very repeatable (there are no problems with hysteresis). This resistance range is well suited to work directly with the internal pull-ups of many microcontrollers such as AVRs and PICs. The FSR was responsive enough and sensitive enough to distinctly pick up light, rapid finger taps, and it was even able to pick up the vibrations of a small vibration motor placed on it on the motor’s side.

Force-sensing resistor (24″×0.4″ strip) adhesive backing.

The 25″ × 0.6″ strip is flexible, light (5 g), and extremely thin (0.02″), and it has an active sensing area of 24″ × 0.4″. It does not appreciably compress when pressure is applied. The FSR has a masked adhesive backing for easy mounting, and the 1″ flexible male leads give you a convenient way to integrate the part into your project. The two male pins (called “solder tabs”) have a 0.1″ spacing, which means they are compatible with most solderless breadboards and perfboards, though the solder tabs are too short to work well with many 0.1″ connectors.

Note that this FSR is not a load cell or strain gauge, and it is not suitable for precision force measurements. While it can be used for high-resolution dynamic measurement, only qualitative results are generally attainable. Force accuracy ranges from 5% to 25% depending on a number of factors, and the resolution is better than 0.5% of the full range. Please see the resources tab for more information, including force-vs-resistance curves, integration notes, usage tips, and suggested electrical circuits.

This sensor should be mounted flat or with only a slight curve. Bending or kinking the strip applies pressure that changes the resistance and can lead to false measurements.

A variety of force-sensing resistors (FSRs).

FSR/FSLP versions

Interlink refers to this product as part number FSR 408 in their FSR 400 series. We have eight versions of force-sensing resistors available, which lets you choose the one with the dimensions that best suit your application:

Note that the last two sensors in this list are FSLPs (force-sensing linear potentiometers) that let you detect both the amount of applied force and where on the strip the force was applied.

Example applications

  • Pressure-sensitive touch user interface
  • Drum strip for an electronic instrument
  • Alarm system sensor:
    • alert when an object is removed
    • alert when intruder steps on it

May 2014 update: We have changed the width dimension in this product’s name from 0.25″ to 0.4″ so the name more accurately reflects the product. The product itself has not changed (the active area has always been 0.4″ wide). The old product name was Force-Sensing Resistor – 24″ × 0.25″ Strip.



Size: 25″ × 0.6″ × 0.02″1
Weight: 5 g


With a sensing area of 24″ × 0.4″ and 1″ of flexible leads.


File downloads

FSR 400 series integration guide (1MB pdf)
Detailed information about Interlink Electronic’s FSR 400 series of force-sensing resistors, including theory of operation, performance data, circuit diagrams, and usage tips.
FSR 400 series data sheet (2MB pdf)


SKU PL-1697
Brand Pololu

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