Buying Guides for Teachers


Feeling overwhelmed by all the choices out there?  Or just want to know what is the latest technology in STEM / STEAM? 


Here are our top picks!


The mBot is our first choice for teaching coding to all ages!  These robots are programmed with Scratch as well as mBlocky.  They are sturdy little robots which can be controlled remotely or coded to be autonomous.  If you have devices with Bluetooth (either a phone, tablet or computer) we recommend the Bluetooth version over the 2.4Ghz wireless one.


The LittleBits Code Kit is an excellent tool for teachers with one kit being great between 4 students.  LittleBits are easy to use and with inputs and output can be programmed to make great projects.


The Meet Edison robot is a little robot that can do obstacle detection to navigate a maze. It has light and sound sensors as well as line tracking.  It can be programmed easily and has ten easy lesson plans.


The Makey Makey is a board that plugs into your computer and acts as a keyboard.  What this means is that you can use the alligator clips to hook up *anything* to act as a key stroke.  You may have seen a Banana keyboard, but the possibilities are enormous!