Maddy Makes: 3D printed Nativity Scene Stable

Author: Maddy   Date Posted:13 December 2017 

Maddy Makes:  3D printed Nativity Scene Stable main image Maddy Makes:  3D printed Nativity Scene Stable image

A couple of weeks ago, I came across these great Nativity Scene figures and found them fantastic for my kids. In previous years we have had ceramic figures which now have missing crowns and broken plastic was certainly a better way to go.  Unfortunately our old stable was *way* too big, and covered in some weird smelly it was up to me to make a new one.

This was my first attempt at 3D modelling since Ninja Blocks days so I signed up for tinkercad and after the first tutorial i had a go at making the stable.  There are a couple of different version so I put the best one up on thingiverse.  I printed it on our UpBox+ and scaled it by 1.2 as the first test seemed a little small.

Unfortunately the ladder wasn't printed/designed well and came off - this is something I will fix in a future version.

All in all I'm very pleased with it and most of all the kids love playing with it!

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